Saturday, April 27, 2013

End of April

Made some vegan chai spice coconut pancakes and blueberry tea for breakfast.

Got my denial letter for the arthroscopic labral tear repair surgery. The surgeon said she would send an appeal at the same time, so I don't know what that means.

Gotta play the same game. Call my insurance, ask why I was denied, the medical codes are always wrong, gotta make an appt with another surgeon. Im just so tired. I really need this surgery to happen and soon!

I still am feeling pretty good from the steroid injection. My pain level is still low. I joined the gym a few days ago down the street from me. I love their hot tub and pool - they use a salt pure chlorination system, so no harsh smells or irritation! Also the steam room and sauna are co-ed so David and I can use them together. I usually walk in the slow lane of the pool, but yesterday I tried a little swimming. I could tell my rt. hip and leg tire fast. Today I feel pretty sore and achey. I need to be careful in my exercises. Everytime I exercise my glutes my pain level is much higher.

An another note, I am totally addicted to making perler bead magnets. My brother and cousin gave me lots of beads and peg board. We plan to sell them at the street fair in May. We are making mostly Nintendo ones, but I am branching out to kawaii ones, too cute!

 Its a nice break from doing embroidery. They are easy and fast to make, very satisfying. I plan to make some totoro and Ghibli critters soon.

I am very pleased with how swap-bot is going. Its an international swap site, very well made and easy to use, with lots of categories of swaps. Ive done a few postcards and am meeting a few penpals. So far I have gotten postcards from s. korea, UK, Canada, and a few states. I received a wonderful "gentle hug" card from a lady wishing me well on my "hip journey." It has been helping me feel so much more positive and gives me something to do and look forward to. The perler bead magnets will be perfect for swapping, I am excited.

Next weekend, David and I are planning to go camping for a night in Washington. I want to test out my leg. Im bringing a large, sturdy recliner patio chair to "sit" by the fire. We have a hatchback and plan to make a foam bed to sleep on, with our little portable heater. We usually camp in the national forest with no amenities, but I can't squat, so I need a bathroom and the electricity for our heater, it will be very cold at night. It will be nice to actually be in nature and away from the city. I need a break. 

CeeCee has been a truly wonderful cat. She is just so cute and soothing to me. Every morning I feel so happy to see her. She is our first fur baby together and a great addition to our little family.

David has been so supportive and wonderful. We make a good team. Its nice living with someone who has the same standards of cleanliness and organization. We are always cleaning and putting things away, doing art projects, cooking from scratch. Ive lived in several large houses full of roomies who were so filthy and uncaring.

Today is warm and beautiful. David is at an orientation for the Audubon Society and will be volunteering with baby birds! He is also volunteering for the Feral Cat Coalition. Im so proud of him. He works doing independent delivery stuff too. Its very important we do our own things and have our own space. I am stuck home and in bed a lot. Plus our bed is in our living room so I wouldn't have to be stuck in our dark bedroom. We turned the bedroom into an office/music room. David plays electric piano and I have an electric drum kit, only I won't be able to play it for awhile.

This week:

My dad's friend is visiting me from Humboldt, since my dad passed away, he has been a great support and its nice to share dad memories, they went to HS together.

Food EBT kicks in so we plan to make lots of vegan raw recipes which can cost much more than our usual staples. We have made some amazing avocado soups and nut pates.

May Day: Is a big day for portland workers rights activists. There is usually a big rally. I may go depending on how I feel. We have been watching some wobbly documentaries, very inspiring

I plan to make some nice mothers day cards

We are starting to plant in our community garden plot. Beans, peas, onions, carrot, tomatoes, kale, sunflowers, cucumbers. I can't really bend down and plant stuff or weed, but I can water. We are also planning to revamp our community bulleton board and paint it.

Berrydale community garden. Our plot is on the far left, we will be packing it full of veggie goodness

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day we drove from Portland to Woodburn to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Wow!
So many tulips and Mt. Hood looked great. My hip felt pretty good and I walked around the farm a few hours. We got to pick 8 tulips and it really brightens up our place.

I spread my fathers ashes in the purple tulip row, maybe a Tbs. He passed away 2007 from pancreatic cancer and I have some of his ashes in a nice glass bottle. Im planning to spread him around beautiful places and maybe around the world. He loved flowers.

I am waiting to hear back from OHSU if my arthroscopy request is accepted or not. Ive been feeling pretty good from the steroid injection two weeks ago and can walk around a lot more. I still cannot sit or squat, but I feel loads better. The ortho surgeon will try and fix my tear, but she had doubts. I could re-tear and all 3 surgeons want me to get a PAO. Ive been denied once, but the medical codes were entered wrong. There is only one surgeon in Oregon who does PAOs, and I really didn't care much for him. He does not like my state insurance and is not advocating for me. I am trying to see Dr Mayo in Tacoma, but he is taking a few months off for his shoulder surgery.

I am really hoping the arthroscopic labral repair will be enough. I could get a couple of years of pain relief, or it could get worse. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

CeeCee Sun Loaf

I just adopted a beautiful kitty named CeeCee. She is a tortoiseshell tabbie, a "torbie". She is around 10 yrs old and has FIV. I found her through craigslist, she really is the perfect kitty for me. I took her to the vet and they found she had a bad yeast ear infection, she probably had it for years. I treated her with ear drops and she is all better! FIV cats need extra attention because of a compromised immune system. She will always be an indoor, single cat.

I decided to adopt a kitty because I have been "bed bound" from having a bad labral tear and other such diagnostics. more on that later. I grew up with cats and know they can be so soothing and healing. Ive had her a month now and I notice a dramatic change in my anxiety, stress and pain levels. I can focus on her instead of my hip all the time. Being a tortie cat, she has "tortie-tude" meaning she wants things on her own terms. She loves to be petted and purrs loudly. She is my healing kitty.

This is my bed which has become my world. I can no longer sit and frequently have to lay down. Though I am in bed for most of the day/night, I have plenty of art projects. I do lots of embroidery and hand-stitched things that I sell.  I love being a part of "swap-bot" and write/send people things all over the world. And I love to read and watch art-house film.

My life has been very different these past 4 months. Ive had hip pain for years, but I think my labral tear got bigger or more unmanageable. Sitting is out of the question. And standing/walking has become more difficult. I had to quit my job as a senior caregiver. Ive seen 4 orthopedic surgeons, had many doctor appointments and lots of things to think about before surgery.

I am a PAO candidate, but I am deciding to get arthroscopic hip surgery first to check things out and maybe get my tear fixed.

I had my first hip injection 2 weeks ago and feel pretty good so far, with few bad days. I am just starting to get out of the house more and use a cane when I need it.

I created this blog to focus on the positive things in my life, my art projects and life passions.