Monday, June 24, 2013

kite festival

 I am spending some time in Lincoln City where my mom lives. I needed a change of scenery and some stress relief from hip related issues. It just so happened that the kite festival was here, right on the beach by mom's house. The whale kites are life sized, how cool! The first day there was absolutely no wind! But it was a beautiful sunny day. The second day there was lots of wind, but it was pretty overcast.

My hip has been feeling ok, so I was able to walk on the beach and fly my dragon kite! People came from all over for this festival.

The trick kites were amazing and large groups would synchronize them to music. Everyone was in good spirits.

David came to visit me for a day and lay in the sun. We are thinking about moving to the coast temporarily just to get away from city life. Lincoln City is closest to Portland. This town's economy depends on summer tourism. Winter time is pretty dead. But I think we need some time to ourselves.
 I saw surgeon #4 and it was very perplexing. His theory is very different than all the others. He says that I don't really need surgery, say what? That my pain levels don't really match my diagnoses and that the dysplasia, FAI and labral tear are mild. But at the same time he said that my hip situation is too complex for him. He said that when I got my hip joint injection I really should have done intense PT, only at the time no one said that. Now I have to wait 2 to 3 months for the next injection, but I should start PT now, even though my insurance won't cover it. It was a big bummer. He couldn't answer my questions and he made me feel hopeless.
But anyways, Im not really buying into his opinions. I need to see a surgeon in Portland who takes complicated hips, Dr Wagner. He does not accept my insurance, but my grandma may help me cover the cost to see him. He is my last hope. He also does arthroscopies and he used to do PAOs. I hope I can see him soon, I gotta get my life back!!

Im working on crafts to sell at this months street fair. I gotta figure out a better income, im sooo poor now a days.

My grandpa died 2 days ago. He was an amazing orthopedic surgeon, he would have done my surgery himself, but he stroked 5 yrs ago. He was a very stern man, very doctor like, very unemotional. My grandma is the same way. Im not too close to them. I may get an inheritance, my dad died 6 yrs ago and his share is divided up to my mom and brother and me. So, we'll see, my grandparents are very wealthy, but sooo weird about money! Im glad I am a modest, humble person, but some money right now could really save my hip. Im so stuck.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

stitching through stress

 Baby shower gift I finished this week. Felt lamb and moon on fabric embroidery hoop

Blanket stitched moon and back-stitched lamb

 I made and sold a "hazelnut" bunny, these bunnies take forever! Its all hand stitched and embroidered.
 Made and sold a socky cat, Ive been making these guys for a few years now, people seem to like them, I put rice in the paws so they are heavier and they can flail when you shake em
 Hip Updates: Got 2 denial letters the second time around and now Im at the hearing level, which means its state level which means I get to talk to someone about my conditions and prove its a medical necessity.

I have an appt with surgeon # 4 in Bend on the 19th, he's a hip specialist who does arthroscopies and hip replacements. Im hoping he takes pitty on me, my mom and I are trying to figure out how much things cost and how much a down payment will be, I have to face the fact my insurance will deny these surgeries no matter what I do.

Also my mom wants me to get a hip replacement instead of a PAO, me too I guess, I dunno anymore, Im pretty burnt out....

My grandpa is dying, had a major stroke which paralyzed him and he's in a coma, can't swallow, so he will die of dehydration, I just want him to go quickly, no pain, its been 3 days now, he's at home with my grandma and hospice. Ive never been very close with him, but its still sad for me. I feel bad for my grandma.

Next week I plan to stay at my mom's house at the beach and chill, I need a change of scenery and perspective. So I will just stitch and stitch some more until the street festival later this month...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

summer hips

We celebrated David's 35th bday in a yurt at Champoeg state park. My hip was feeling ok and we both have been really craving the outdoors. We love camping and everything about it. Setting up, making vegan franks and beans on our little gas stove, building a fire, watching birds, bats and squirrels. This time we even roasted vegan marshmallows on a stick, it tasted exactly like it should, gooey and sweet.

Our yurt was beautiful and spacious with a dome skylight and a bed and couch even. fancy for us. I brought my little memory foam pad which saved my hips. The day was a hot one and we couldn't really hang out in the hot yurt until dark. We sat around the fire and made wonderful future plans "after surgery" of course and "after I heal from surgery." David wants to teach English in South Korea, we want to move into an eco-villiage, we want to start a family, I want to get my MA in gerontology and do art therapy, we want to bicycle all over portland, find all the swimming holes, camp in state forests, sell crafts at festivals. It all made me feel sort of sad. Sad that I have to wait and sad that David has to wait.

We tried walking around the park, the trails looked short, but they were long and steep. I hobbled all over the place with my cane. My bad hip felt ok, but my good hip started to feel strained from overcompensating. The next day was even hotter and we left the yurt in search of a swimming hole. Our car has no AC, so the drive seemed long and sweaty. We decided to go swim in the Columbia river, but the parking lot was under construction, so I had to hobble a long way to the water. David jumped in, but it was way too cold for me so I wadded up to my thighs.

We got home late afternoon and my body felt exhausted. This morning, both hips were so sore. So I am in bed today. Tomorrow I will see the PT for the first time and try to figure out pain relief. I only have 3 sessions covered so its gotta count. Im sick of being measured and tested for strength, its all so painful!

Let's see...medical updates....SIGH

1. Got my 2nd denial letter on arthroscopic hip surgery and expecting 2nd denial on PAO surgery.
2. After 3 weeks of phone calls and forms I have an appt to see Dr. Bollom in Bend to talk about which surgery I really need and maybe a second pain injection.
3. I am sending in the 3rd appeals/hearings for these surgeries.
4. I f I get denied for everything, then I may be able to qualify for financial aid in Washington to see Dr. Mayo and get a PAO. I don't know if Oregon has this financial program.
5. My mom is trying to figure out how to raise money for me to see Dr. Mayo for a consult. Its $700. I am trying to get a prior authorization and get my insurance to cover it.
6. Even if everything worked out and I could see Dr. Mayo, he isnt seeing new patients until Sep/Oct and to schedule a surgery could take 6 months or longer *head spins*
7. I talk to medical and insurance people almost every day and it just gets more confusing and complicated.

But anyways, I have been doing art and am selling some stuff.

I made $130 at the last street fair and plan to do it again this month.
I am selling a socky cat and a stuffed bunny for $60
I am working on a baby shower gift for $40

So even though Im still in bed a lot, I can work on my crafts and pay my bills, I hope.