Saturday, November 30, 2013

2 week post op

phew! everything has been happening kind of fast and Im already 2 weeks post rpao. At the moment, the pain medication makes my vision blurry and my eyes hurt so It's hard to look at a computer.

I was in the hospital 4 days. My mom stayed with me the whole time and my boyfriend visited me. We had to drive from Porltland to Seattle and were pretty unfamiliar with Seattle, but everything worked out ok.

Hospital experience at Seattle Ballard: I had my surgery early and had to be there 6am for a 9am surgery. I was very nervous and they let me have an adivan. I met the anesthesiologist who was super nice and supportive. I was wheeled into the surgery room and they did a spinal. I think they pumped some sedatives into my IV. I remember the spinal feeling weird and my legs were going numb. I woke up in recovery and it was all a blur of faces. Surgery went well and was only 2 hrs! I just had a rpao, they didn't repair my labrum or open up the socket.

My incision is 6 inches, sightly s shaped. It's covered with steri-strips that will fall off eventually, I wonder how long that will be. I still keep a bandage over it. It's still very sensitive to the touch.

The next 3 days, I slept a lot. They gave me oxycodone which made me so dizzy I couldn't do anything. I barely ate, I just drank tons of water. PT tried to get me to sit and stand on day 2, but I was way too dizzy. Day 3 I got up and walked with my walker down the hall a little. I felt so sick and felt faint, so they wheel chaired me back to my room. My mom finally got the nurses to switch my meds to Norco and I felt so much better!! I didn't really get to do any PT. I got to leave the evening of day 4. My mom drove me an extended stay motel, we stayed 5 days.

The only thing that really hurt was my stomach muscles near my rt. hip joint. They re-attached an abductor muscle and I felt very swollen and sore. My thigh felt very numb and when I stood up my leg got very tingly. I pretty much slept a lot. I had major potty problems. I knew constipation would be a problem, that's what everyone says. It is a major problem. Sitting is painful. We brought a high-boy. I have to drink lots of fiber water, take stool softeners, even ex-lax. It's still pretty terrible. The meds really slow things down.

We drove home 9 days post-op.  I had my first post-op appt right before we drove home, met the PA. I was told to do nothing for 6 weeks. When I see them for at 7 weeks, I will be able to put 25% weight on my op leg. I dunno when PT starts...

I have a twin size memory foam mattress that we stuffed into the front seat of the car so it was comfortable for me to lay back and drive 3 hrs back to Portland. We stopped at a rest stop and used the handi-capped parking. Even using my walker, I really struggled to the bathroom. Everyone was staring at me, I felt sick and very weak.

At home, with my boyfriend, who is amazing, we rented an electric bed for me and I sleep in the living room. Im so happy I got this bed. I can't sit up by myself yet and I can't move my op leg very well. David has to lift my leg and guide it to the floor if I want to get up. I use the walker to get to the bathroom. Im getting more sensation in my leg. The only thing that happens that disturbs me is when I am "standing" and my op leg gets very red and blotchy and itchy. So I am still wearing my compression socks.

week 2 updates:
I can roll to my non-op side by myself at night if I have a pillow between my knees. I am taking less pain medication. My pain level is pretty low if I am laying in bed. Plus the meds make my eyes very tired. My boyfriend still has to guide my leg to the floor, but I think in a week I will be able to do it myself.

I don't have a shower chair yet and I still can't sit in a char so my bf gives me sponge baths and washed my hair in the sink. He cooks for me and dresses me, pretty much everything. He is off work for a while so it works out, thank god! I dunno what I would do without him. He makes everything tolerable.

We just got wii mario kart so that is what I am doing.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

my RPAO adventure begins!

My PAO surgery with Dr. Downer is tomorrow Nov. 13th! I am in Seattle with my mom and boyfriend David. I saw the pre-op nurse yesterday at swedish ballard hospital. I will be getting a spinal with sedation. I was worried about anesthesia. I thought everyone got general. My hospital does not like GA for these PAOs, so maybe everyone gets a spinal.

We have been in an extended stay motel for a couple days, checking out the handicapped room. After the hospital, I plan to stay in the motel until I feel I cam travel 3 hrs back to Portland. My mama is going to stay in the hospital room with me. David will go back home the day after my surgery. He's going to take care of our kitty and I wanted him to have some alone time before I am back home. Once home, he will take over as caregiver.

I feel ok today, my hip hurts like it always does. We are going to find a nice park to walk in. I can't imagine not being able to walk for so long! I feel worried and a little anxious. I know tonight will be hard to sleep. I will find out my surgery time sometime today. I am trying to be super positive. I have waited a year for this surgery, I have fought insurance to try and get this covered, which it isn't. I had to figure out finances. My family raised money for me. I have seen 4 ortho surgeons before dr. downer who didn't know what to do with me or thought I even needed a PAO. I researched and read and educated my friends and family. This surgical decision was not an intuitive one. It seems like a crazy experimental surgery. Only when I joined a few PAO online groups did it make any sense to me.

Im glad it's cold and rainy and I will recover over the winter. I get to sleep a lot and watch movies with David. I am lucky to have a man like him. He is an amazing cook, he is very clean, organized and motivated. He is taking time off work to care for me for as long as I need. He is my best friend and after 5 yrs together I know this will bring us closer.

I will try and update as soon as I am able. I don't know what to expect just yet. I hope I have wonderful healing dreams.

embroidered PAO

Friday, November 1, 2013


 Finished the walker. Wrapped with painters tape and then I hot-glue strips of fabric over that. I plan to add a bicycle bell too.

Halloween is my fav holiday, I usually spend a lot of time on a costume, but this year I transferred that energy into decorating my medical equipment.

Now starts the countdown to surgery for me. In 10 days I will be headed up to Seattle for my Nov. 13th date. My mom, bf and I are staying at an extended stay to see if that's where I want to convalesce after the hospital. I plan to stay there until my first Post-op appt, unless I feel amazing and can travel 3 hours back down and then up again from Portland.

 To keep myself from freaking out in these coming days, I have several art projects to start and finish. I'm the kind of person that has to finish things or it drives me crazy. And I know after surgery I'm not going to have any energy to create much.

I've done lots of embroidery this year. I have hoop art all over my walls. I just started doing pastels and mandalas. It's messy and I need that right now. For so long I have been struggling to control everything, the doctor appts, the phone calls, medication, hip pain, surgery, payments, insurance, etc. My nerves are shot. So now as I succumb to other people taking over the control for me, I am allowing myself to get messy in my artistic expressions.

Halloween day I felt kind of sad. All my friends are going to amazing warehouse dance parties. No one called me. So I made Frankie. He's made with a halloween stitch pattern sock. It took all evening to finish and I like him.

I have big plans for next year.
CeeCee was a little unsure of him.