Sunday, February 23, 2014

week 13 post-op

week 13 post RPAO! Im almost there, to sweet walking freedom. I officially started PT at an actual PT place, not just home PT. I am working on my one crutch walking style. My PT can notice that I flare my op-leg foot outward before stepping down, so I need to correct that. I am very stiff looking, cautious. I forgot how to swing my arms, but that happens when you use crutches long term!

Stretching hurts. Holding a stretch for 20 seconds hurts. But it is absolutely necessary. I am starting to do standing PT exercises instead of laying in bed. I love using my stationary bike. I do about 10min 3X a day. I think I can start doing it for 15 min at a time now.

I can hobble/step across the room. I am working to keep my legs straight and even weight, but I can't help limping. The limp is getting better, I think in a few weeks it will be gone. I start pool therapy this week, geez finally what took so long? Insurance. I will also be using a treadmill for the first time.

I will be all on my own for the next two weeks. My bf is out of town and I can take care of myself now. He helped me stock the pantry and kitty food, we have an emergency plan, I have all my medical transportation lined up for this weeks outings: Xray, PT, Acupuncture, Primary Doctor...

I finally found an acupuncture clinic that accepts my insurance, which is the worst insurance to have if you need or will need a PAO and follow-ups. I really want them to stick some needles in my right psoas illium area, please! It has been achy, tight, sore, inflamed and uncomfortable going on 5 yrs now.

I feel really good. I am glad to have my own space for reflection. Looks like I will be walking for the first time with no witnesses, just me, maybe my PT, I will walk for me, go me!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

12 week post-op

12 weeks post RPAO! I took my first unaided steps this week. It's a strange sensation. Ive been using one crutch for almost a month now and I move very smoothly and with ease. But without anything I am very limpy. I can walk across the room and back and anymore than that, my hip hurts like maybe it swells in the joint.

I am very happy with getting to this point. For Valentines I am celebrating my 3 month mark by going out to dinner with friends. It will be my first outing with friends. I don't know if I will be able to pull it off because I will have to actually sit. I plan to bring an extra pillow to sit on. At home I can sit about 15 minutes before my ilio-psoas flares up. I will have to bring this up to my PT.

My insurance approved 6 sessions of PT! It's better than nothing and I look forward to working more intensely and starting pool therapy. I will be full weight in one more week.

My pain is pretty low besides the psoas muscle. The other thing I really notice is that the more weight I put on my op leg, my right foot muscles tense and cramp up pretty bad. I'm sure this is normal but wow it hurts. It goes away when I sit/lay down.

My bf is going to be out of town for a couple of weeks soon. This will be the first time I will be on my own and have to take care of myself and the cat. I don't have a car or drive. I hope a friend will help me grocery shop, but I plan to get my cupboards stocked good. I just have to be very careful when I go down my 35 stairs to the outside for PT. I plan to write my apartment manager and ask him to install an outgoing mailbox. My bf has to walk down the street to mail stuff and I just won't be able to walk that far.

I have to cancel my Seattle trip to see Dr. Downer because my bf won't be here. I hope they are ok with me just sending them an x-ray done locally. Besides, I could save my money. It's not like my surgeon does any tests or anything, he just looks at the xray and will look at me walk funny. I will just go later once I am full weight and walking for awhile.

Friday, February 7, 2014

11 weeks post-op

11 weeks! I use one crutch to get around the house and feel pretty good. I just started 75% weight-bearing. I am doing home PT 2-3 times a day and using my stationary bike for 10 min. 3Xday. This is exhausting, but I am sleeping deeper. The only issue that's bothering me is that my ilio-psoas muscle is acting up, its very tight, sore, swollen. I feel like its pulling my pelvis out of alignment all day and I have to stretch it back into place.

I am still waiting on my insurance to see if they will cover my PT and pool therapy. Oregon insurance is crazy slow this year, I may have to wait another 2 weeks for an answer. However, I did find a PT place that is donating 4 pool sessions to me (for $10 a session). I was going to have my first pool therapy experience yesterday! BUT they cancelled on me and it started to SNOW in Portland which is rare so the whole city is kinda shut down!

The snow is beautiful out my window. Of course I will be stuck indoors until it melts away. I just won't risk slipping outside.

Im working on embroidery and finished my bicycle. It was very detailed and took some time! I want to build up a collection so maybe I can put them in a cafe gallery somewhere.

I got rid of the high boy. I don't use the walker anymore. I got rid of the shower chair because it just didnt fit well into our bathtub and I am able to get in and out of the bath using a crutch.

I am still Very atrophied in my op leg. When I use the stationary bike I can feel my op leg muscles working so much harder than my good leg. I am just starting to stretch my body and it needs it! Oh and it hurts! My calf muscle is painfully tight and my thigh. I need a good massage!

My emotional state has been super positive! I am keeping active with my art. I am feeling more independent and can help my bf with some chores like folding laundry. He thinks I can start doing dishes, but I think I need more time off :)

I just sent my application for the second round of supplemental social security. It will be months before I hear back. I am only requesting financial benefits for the period of time I was disabled. From when I quit my job because of the high pain, not being able to sit anymore, up to surgery and however long it takes to heal and get back to work.

I am not going back to work. I decided to start online school to get certified as an activities director's assistant for elderly people with dementia. It's my passion and I need to get paid more. This whole PAO experience has taught me that I really do have the patience and compassion to work with elderly clients.

I bought my first piece of furniture ever! I small recliner for $300 which is a lot for me to spend on anything. Its firm, yet comfortable, good back support, good ankle support. I really needed it. Sitting in a lawn chair was crazy and painful. Next is getting a new mattress, but I dont have the funds yet...