Tuesday, June 10, 2014

7 months post-op

7 months post-op! I rode a bicycle for the first time. It wasn't the most comfortable experience, but I am able to do it for a short amount of time. It felt good just to get back on the bike.

I have been feeling much more active and am walking very well. I moved into my new apt and it feels like such a nice fresh start. I live near a beautiful park with lots of trees and ducks and I walk through it everyday.

I still do pool PT almost everyday. Tomorrow I meet with a physical trainer to learn the workout machines at the gym so I can start weight training.
I will be seeing a Naturopath Dr this week for the first time to help me with musc/skeletal pain issues.

I think I am experiencing many secondary hip pain issues from years of poor walking/sitting posture. I have been working with many different people to figure out why I am not sitting well.

1. My new PT says I have soft tissue hip impingement from really tight muscles and scar tissue. It was suggested I got gluten-free because of my chronic inflammation that could be due to gluten intolerance. I feel like I am unable to relax my op leg no matter how much I stretch or exercise. I need deep tissue massages as well to break up the scar tissue.

2. My chiro and some other medical people think I have a subluxating rt. lower rib. I have felt a lot of pain in this area for years. Chiro seems to help as well as stretching. It just keeps coming back. I think acupuncture would really help, but my insurance just wont cover it, grrr.

3. I have been gluten-free a couple of weeks now and I do feel a difference, not so much pain-wise, but in my energy. I feel more alert and am eating lots of whole foods. I think it takes time for pain and inflammation to subside, so I will stick with it.

4. Sitting is still an issue for me. I think its a combination of things. Compared to other post-op PAO people, I seem to stand out with my sitting issues. Everyone is different. I do notice that I no longer have low back pain, so thats been great. I try to sit for a few minutes everyday. I tend to feel nausea and my joint gets sore as well as my rib. I hope my new NA DR can help me figure it out.

I am waiting for my court hearing for temporary disability, SSI. I don't know if I will get it, but I am going to try. Its been over a year since I applied and I have had two denials, but I think that is pretty common.

I have no idea when I will be able to work again. If I can't sit well, I may have to find something that involves standing and walking all day which sounds pretty miserable. I hope by the end of Summer I will be able to sit fairly pain free. fingers crossed!

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