Monday, October 20, 2014

10 mo. post RPAO

I turned 30! For my birthday I went to the beach and walked through forests. My bf took this portrait of me sitting pain free, a big moment in my life. I sat cross-legged and felt comfortable and full of joy by this tree.

My 10th month has been very proactive in my healing. Im all healed up from gallbladder surgery and have been enjoying the new benefit of sitting pain free. I no longer have to worry about going out in public and wondering how to stand or sit in pain. I feel such freedom in the simple act of sitting.

I have still been experiencing hip pain, mostly at night. My joint can be tight, stiff and uncomfortable in any position. My right leg is affected too and I struggle with chronic tension. So I have taken it upon myself to really focus on pain relief therapies. I live near a healing center that happens to accept my insurance, such a rare treat. I am taking an amazing class called Trauma Release Exercises. Also called tension release. The main point of these exercises is to exhaust the psoas muscles so that you end up shaking a little while lying on the ground. These "tremors" are caused by a Nuerogenic process that we all have and as you tremor, your body instinctively seeks out any tension or trauma and shakes it out. It can be a very bizarre feeling. All of my tremors go straight to my hip joint. I end of shaking and kicking my leg. Its weird, but I have to say I feel so much better after 20 minutes of shaking. Even my ankle is feeling more aligned. I feel more flexible. I love this class and wonder why TRE is not well known.

I am finally able to use the machines at the gym. My gallbladder was really preventing me from lifting weight and pushing my PT to the max. Now its time to really build up my muscles. I can walk great, but its still hard for me to get up from a squatting position. I am so ready to really work out!

I just love October and Halloween. I have not celebrated Halloween for two years because of my pre-op pain and post-op recovery. So this year I am immersing myself in Halloween fun. I plan to dress up as a skeleton. It seems to suit me this year. I used to love dancing for hours at clubs. I am unsure of my dancing abilities, but I have to start somewhere.

I am dancing Thriller this year. Its perfect because as a zombie, the dance can be jerky and stiff, which is how I feel sometimes. Its a long dance and very rewarding to perform for Thrill The World. I know I can do it.

Happy Halloween!

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